In this article, we will show you the important considerations to make when creating a WIX website. At 3CX, we are supporting new entrepreneurs who haven’t quite entered into the digital space before. WIX is a great website builder that abstracts away the complexity of website design and gets you to your goals sooner.

Why WIX?

WIX is a tool made for beginner website builders. You can drag and drop modern website designs within a few clicks, ideal for people who need a quality website made rather quickly.

WIX Pros

  • Popular website designs at your finger tips
  • Simple user experience
  • ideal for small businesses
  • social media marketing features
  • excellent site speed

WIX Cons

  • Free Plans require using a WIX subdomain in the website URL
  • No easy method of exporting website code to new platform, sites are not transferrable
  • SEO on WIX sites not performing as well as SEO on non-WIX sites
  • Templates that you use are controlled by WIX, can disappear without notice causing website errors
  • not ideal for medium – large size businesses


With WIX, you can trust that your website can run smoothly and look like something from this decade. However, WIX isn’t perfect and you need to know the tradeoffs.

Before you can have a website up, even a WIX website, you will also need to have set up web hosting. You can get $15/year Webhosting available at 3C Webhosting! 

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