Do you want to manage your online store with Shopify? We have the information you need to get you started. Read below for what you need to set up your first online Shopify store.


How Do I Set Up My First Shopify Store?

Before anything, you will need to conceptualize the store and its products: What kind of branding and themes are you going for? What prices are you setting your products? Where are you getting your products from?

You will also need a name for your online business if you do not already have one. Ideally, you will want to secure the business name early on in conception, and you would purchase appropriate domains and web hosting prior to starting your online store setup. Webhosting for your website is available at!

Next, you are ready to take your brainstorming ideas and start building out your online store. Open a new Shopify Account and follow the proceeding instructions – such as which domain to connect, business name etc., and start adding products to the store.



You can add a variety of relevant details to your product offerings as well as group them together in collections.



After adding products to your store, you will want to look at how your shipping will be handled. You may want to offer free shipping and delivery or use Shopify’s first party shipping service – Shopify Shipping. It is important to consider your business expenses and revenue model when implementing your shipping strategy.


Payments Processing

Your store will need to accept payments for online orders and needs to be set up with your business’s tax situation in consideration. This will allow you to collect the right amount of sales tax based on your country of operation. You can add third party payment processors such as Google Pay and Apple Pay to accept payments. You will also setup Shopify Payments, which is how you will collect your revenue from your online store.


Launch Your Online Store!

With products added, shipping details squared, and payments processing available, your store is now ready to launch. Now the objective is refining the store and keeping up its relevance. You will need to create a marketing strategy to help get your store to reach more people.


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