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We can build anything you can imagine. If not, no one can.

Pillitteri West Africa

Pillitteri Estates Winery has won over 800 wine awards from both local and international competitions and we’re happy to bring the best to your table.

MasterMind Cafe

MasterMind Cafe is an exclusive growth-minded community and learning platform that creates a sense of belonging for everyone along their life’s journey.

Hire Event Pro

As a premier directory for everything hospitality-related, Hire Event Pro, has a contact for you. Need a photographer? No problem. Chef or Caterer? Check!

Hear what our clients are saying.

3C delivers outstanding website design and development with great professionalism and invaluable service. They work to understand your brand and deliver accordingly, with much knowledge, competency, and ingenuity. They are entirely customer-centric, and clients can expect to receive consistent support, with extremely friendly and responsive service.

3C had a keen interest in ensuring that my website was developed with my distinct business objectives in mind. I have unwaveringly encouraged my close colleagues and professional associates to explore the superb service and expertise of 3C.

Keneisha Walters

CEO, Hire Event Pro

Wealth Discipleship

In business and in life there are simple principles that, if repeated consistently over time, will get great results and success.

Dr. Kwame Gilbert

As an author, public speaker, mentor, and coach, Dr. Kwame Gilbert excels in transforming managers into leaders. As Kwame says, “lead beyond the ordinary.”

Toronto Psychological Services

Our clinic is a private mental health partnership, with a carefully selected team of highly experienced Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Psychotherapists.

We are always here to help.

I appreciate everything you’ve done for me including taking

the time to work with me and get my WIX website back up! Best regards.


Owner , Puppy cut Salon

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