Twitch is an amazing platform for live-streaming content. Used mostly to stream video games, Twitch is gradually becoming a platform for any kind of content. Podcasts, interviews, and entire shows can be aired on Twitch for the entire internet to access. Here’s why you should consider having a marketing strategy for Twitch.

Live Content Can Change How You Engage

First and foremost, let’s discuss the kind of unique content that excels in Twitch: Live content. Live content brings lots of engagement. It is different from your regular content: it is in the present, is more interactive, is more relaxed, does not come off as pushy and is more direct with your target viewers. We are seeing with TikTok, that there’s a growing amount of people who value short-form content. Likewise, the trend for long-form content continues to grow. Live streams and podcasts are proving that point – especially with other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube offering live video posting capabilities. Twitch is the best platform for live content so if you are exploring this kind of content strategy, including Twitch is a must.

Twitch Is More Than Just Content For Games

As mentioned, general content creation such as podcasts are gaining popularity on Twitch, proving you do not have to only use the platform to show yourself playing video games. Twitch is an opportunity for businesses to get more personal, for influencers to showcase their personality, for consumers to see unedited views of a product or service – which increases authenticity. Perhaps you are an independent artist just starting out, Twitch can show your live video of a digital drawing being made. You can save that content and feature it on your Twitch page or share it on other platforms. Content creation expands while your content reach does also.

Marketing Your Twitch Channel

You want to add links which your community can easily understand and see that they lead to more interesting content over at your Twitch channel. You can find prospective partners to collaborate with. There are different types of influencers, those on Instagram, on YouTube and even Twitch. They all interact differently with community audiences and that variety gives you plenty of options. Use your other platforms to remind your audience of more relevant content happening at your Twitch channel, and let them know when viewers can expect to see the next form of live content.

But Don’t Be Afraid To Game On Twitch

Wendy's On Twitch

Wendy’s streaming Fortnite on Twitch.

If the popular fast-food franchise, Wendy’s, can justify running a Twitch account and playing Fortnite, the popular video game for teenagers, so can your business. The example above shows the potential in advertising and marketing: you can talk about promotions and new products and you are reaching an audience that was not appealed to before. If you business does not need to appeal to teenagers, that is OK, the principle stands: More engaging content will attract relevant audiences you have not previously been able to reach.


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