Facebook has many features to help with managing your business page and profiles. While you may be very familiar with Facebook, here are some features you may have previously not known.


Download Everything

Facebook provides the option to allow you to download all pictures, texts, files, chats, etc. that you have sent to Facebook through your profile. To access this feature:

Go to Settings, and under Your Facebook Information, you will see Download your information. You can select the data you want to download and the format you want to download it in. The suggested format to save your data would be HTML.


Add Colour To Text Posts

Does your page sometimes deliver simple text-based updates on Facebook? You can select from a wide range of background colours to add to your posts. This will bring more noticeability to simple Facebook updates of your page.


Manage Login Locations 

For those with multiple people with access to a Facebook business page, you can manage the locations where the account is currently logged in. To access this feature:

Go to the Settings page on Facebook.com, click on Security and Login, and then select  Where You’ve Logged In. This will present a list of all devices and locations currently logged into the Facebook account. This is a great security feature to keep in mind as you can know if there is something suspicious is happening fairly quickly. Unfamiliar login location? You may have a data breach in your operation and will need to change your password. Perhaps you logged into a public computer and would like to remotely log out from that location – this feature will help in those situations.


Compare Advertising With Your Competition 

You can also view the record of Facebook ads made by your competitors. See what strategies they are implementing and determine if your business is doing enough to match the competition. To access this feature:

Go to Pages in search and type in your competitors’ name. You’ll find a section called Page Transparency and click on the link called See All. From here, click on the button Go To Ad Library. You should now be able to see all of their ads. You can determine which ads have been working for them the most by how long they have decided to leave them active.


Save Posts

Related to the feature above, you can save interesting posts on your Facebook feed and review them for later. Did you find a certain advertising template you feel would be right for your business? Just simply click Save Post! To access this feature:

Click the ellipsis menu (the three dots button at the top right) of the post. Click Save Post and then you can save it to a specific folder.


Facebook continues to be a popular platform for customers and businesses. Take advantage of the many features Facebook has to offer to make sure your business is doing the most for its brand.


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