The 3C definition of commerce is any interaction or engagement that leads to a conversion that is aligned to your business and digital goals. The more conversions the stronger your business and its ability to grow successfully. 

Customer Journey Mapping

Know and document the micro and macro conversion points along your customers’ journeys through our fun and interactive workshops.

Click Funnels

We can help you set up a series of sales pages or sales funnels. We use data to pick specific and obvious calls-to-action that drive engagement and essential for an online marketing strategy.

Online Store

Buying online is becoming more and more entrenched especially around busy shopping seasons like Black Friday and Christmas. Get your products online easily and affordably at 3C. 

Conversion Optimisation

Now that you have all the pieces in place, it’s time to optimize your conversion rate using analytics. Let us help you analyze and improve your conversions.

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