Church Marketing

Does your outreach need a boost?

Do you need more volunteers?

The bible says you don't have because you don't ask. However, who and how you ask is also important.

People are busy and more selective than ever before, but they're also more conscious of social issues and want to get involved. However, the number of opportunities that exists leaves them often paralyzed as to where they should invest their time. Notice I used the word "invest".

Volunteers and church visitors who invest their time are looking for a return on their investment, something that makes the time spent, worth their while.

Help them meet new and interesting people? Give them a feeling of accomplishment and self-worth? Help your volunteers and visitors find fulfillment. Help them grow by getting in the trenches with them. Check out this free evangelism handbook - "Breaking Idleness and Winning Souls".

Need more hands-on assistance? Let us know. We're here to help.