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How to Succeed Online with Social Media in 2017

In part one of this series, “How to Succeed Online with Content in 2017”, I covered the importance of content and creating a Content Calendar. In this post I will talk about building community through social media engagement. Social by Nature As humans we were created to have and be in relationship with one another,…
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How to Succeed Online with Content in 2017

Start with a Goal and a Plan Ya, I know. You’ve heard it all before and if you’re like me you’re probably not consistent with following through. If that's the case, let me share with you what I've gleaned from 2016 (and 18 years as an entreprenuer)...focused, perseverance will net great results…eventually. So start again…
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Turn Insights into Action

Recently while preparing for a webinar on the Google Analytics (GA) platform, I noticed Google's tag line "Turn insights into action" and thought...that would make for a great post. The webinar was for a group of Communications Directors and their staff members with varying levels of GA experience. My first goal was to hit the…
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How To Build a Successful Website – Part Two

With your new understanding of creating the foundation for a good website, as described in How To Build A Successful Website – Part One, you're now ready for Part 2 – Promoting your great website! Now, there are many ways to do this and I'm only going to cover what I feel are the most…
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