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The 3C process for successful online ventures is quite simple. Give your website visitors the content they need that engages them and invites them into a community which builds trust and in turn promotes and encourages a commerce action or event connected to your business goals.

What a 3C Website Consultant Does

Informs new and existing site owners on the latest trends in “surfer” habits and technologies to better match their products or services with their target market.

Educates site owners to help them understand website traffic reports and traffic flow of a visitor to their site.

Advises on potential profit centers within their website for greater ROI as well as best practices for selecting a developer for their project.

Provides a detailed Statement of Work (SOW) document and helps a client determine the most accurate investment estimate for completing a given project.

In short, a 3C Website Consultant is a partner you shouldn't do without!

If you are new to online business development or overwhelmed by all the various technologies and trends for building a successful website we are here for you.

our vision



We endeavour to saturate the internet with websites that are beautifully designed and are useful in meeting the needs of people making the world a better place.



3C will be a company that measures its success by the number of people we're able to help achieve their dreams and whose resources are used to make a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate.



3C will nurture relationships and govern itself with integrity to lead by example while influencing others to run compassionate, social enterprises that use money and not people.

fast facts

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